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  • Mr. Niceguy / Brutz -

    Thanks for your advice and tutorial for battlecon. Looks just like the type of game I have been looking for.

    • Gandara -

      It is really good. I reccomended it because the game is a mix between card and fighting genres. EA is somewhat similar to that, so I figured you'd like it. But honestly, comparing both games, Battlecon is much superior. It has no RNG; no deck draw, no cancer luck to depend on dices to activate skills... It focus heavily on the player's own ability and judgement. It's a port from the original tabletop physical game and it is still new to Steam, so people are coming to know the online version in a quite slow pace. That being said, sadly the game lacks a lot of players, so the long queues can be a little frustrating. Unlike Feerik, though, Level 99 Games does a good job with their game, has a nice balance team and actually communicate with their players all the time via Discord. I have high hopes to see this game growing up. As far I as can tell, it is slowly walking, but definitely in the right direction!

  • Rargnorok -

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