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  • Sparkle -

    Hi there i am a rookie, would like to ask about card name holly ex (winter) sometimes skill not active especially thorn was not value but zero, this is bug or just battle system..

  • ducky -

    can you please help me i lost my password, my nickname is DuckyOnQuack, i just returned after about 5 years, please help me asap it’s urgent

  • Sototh1878 -

    Hi, I'm an old player who re-installed the game after some years of inactivity. I have some questions, the main one is how can I get the non-ex cards that can not be unlocked ? As for example Asajiro, Dragas... Thanks for your time

    • ryan2849 -

      IF you remember the unlock tree... that was removed some time ago, so some cards are nearly impossible to obtain as of now. So the legit only way are pack/mystery booster. I can promise this wall will be broken in the future so all cards are obtainable, as I believe the game will head in a more proper direction soon.

  • Phatkat91 -

    Nevermind, I found a grand deer and bought it. Don't worry, I wasn't gonna pester you. I just needed that one card.

  • Phatkat91 -

    Would you do me a favor? After you are done playing, could you put up the Grand deer card? Tried looking for it, but nobody has it in their deck.

    • ryan2849 -

      Did you want to buy it in game? I can keep in in a team for you if that is what you are looking for

  • Phatkat91 -

    Hey, what about a booster with the recent buffer cards in it? Such as grand deer, iro , the juggler ect.

    I see the forum has been filled up with spam which is why I am putting this message here.

    • ryan2849 -

      Hopefully, the game can start to move in a more user-friendly grinding aspect soon. So boosters like that would let some people get cards they missed easier than waiting to grind them or get lucky in pack pulls.

  • Arrow -

    Hey Ryan how are you? I didn't play for like 1year on Eredan arena and now when I want to log in it said "verification of the data sent" and that's all... I'm sure that my username and password are ok but I don't know why it doesn't want to connect. Did anything change during this year in the settings?
    Thanks in advance

    • ryan2849 -

      Within the past year, nothing has changed to my knowledge. Did you play it on Facebook or your iOS/Android device?

    • Arrow -

      I played on an Android device but after that I could play on a IOS so I don't understand why it doesn't work now. Will try one more time...
      Ps : sorry to be late,forgot to check my profile

    • ryan2849 -

      check to see if the game is updated first

  • Bananenauge! -

    Hey ryan i have a problem with a purchase i made on last tuesday, because i didn‘t got my feez till now and every time i want to write an email to the support i just get an error mail back that sais that it couldnt be delivered. Can u help me out with that i would be very happy if u could.

  • Gilmaveric -

    Hey ryan I have been playing for while then stop for a couple weeks come back and I notice and issue with the balance I play 5 3rdlvl heros and the balance give 5 1st lvl heros

    • ryan2849 -

      If you could send some screenshots of the problem, it can help a bunch. thanks!

  • Chichaoui -

    hi bro help me

  • kelltaron -

    Hello ryan, can you say me how works Resil, Bulwark, Dodge, Shield and Scarab together? :P

    • ryan2849 -

      They will appear in the order the damage is calculated

      Resil/Bulwark- Bulwark takes effect (ex.- 290), then is reduced by resil (ex.- 80). Then damage dealt is the remainder (210 from examples)
      Resil/Dodge- Damage is halved from the dodge, then reduced by the resil.
      Resil/Shield- Resil only reduces damage dealt to you. So if you have 400 shield and 80 resil, and your opponent hits you for 400, it will reduce the shield to 0 and resil not be used. if it were 500, then 400 would be absorbed from the shield, then 80 by the resil, dealing 20 to you.
      Resil/Scarab- Damage is reduced by the resil, then scarab is used. So hit of 200 with 80 resil, you would only heal 120. Scarab does the total damage dealt.
      Bulwark/Dodge- Dodge is used first, then bulwark. So if a hit of 500 and 290 resil + 1 dodge, damage would be 250, since 250 is less than the bulwark.
      Bulwark/shield- Bulwark is implemented, then deducted from shield (like my Leira). So 390 bulwark and 400 shield, it would reduce the shield to 10.
      Bulwark/scarab- Scarab is used based on the bulwark. So 290 bulwark = 290 scarab.
      Dodge/shield- Damage is halved, then reduced from the shield.
      Dodge/scarab- Damage is halved, then scarab is used.
      Shield/scarab- Damage dealt is scarabed and shield is untouched. So hit of 500 with 400 shield would be scarabed for 500 and shield remains at 400.

      hope this helps! (Maybe wrong on one, but pretty sure it is all correct).

    • kelltaron -

      Thanks so much, this clears more the damage formula ^^ now I can continue making my simulator!!

  • #sweet -

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my account, I started the game using g + from the cell phone but I linked my account with faceboock and instead of logging in using my account, another account was created.
    On my cell phone I can use my normal account .... more how I try to log on the PC using faceboock goes into a totally different account.
    I already posted in the support area and bug, but I did not get an answer, I do not know what to do.
    help me please
    The name of my main account is #sweet .... and the one that is appearing when I soon in faceboock is ronaldo jesus

  • kelltaron -

    Hello, can you delete my repeated post? :( WHen i submited the post didnt looked that was sent, then tried again but gone double post... this one: eredan-arena.com/forum/index.p…ons/&postID=9578#post9578

    • ryan2849 -

      Went ahead and deleted once of your posts. Hopefully, I think, it was the right one:)

  • Vandervenn -

    Ryan, reopen my thread, feerik still not grant me my feez which i had bought