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  • Sototh1878 -

    Hi, man. You seem to be one of the last active user here. I re-installed the game after some years of inactivity and I have some questions, would you answer it if you have time ?

    • Sototh1878 -

      The main one is how do I get non-ex cards that can not be unlocked ? Like Asajiro, Dragas, Salem...

    • Phatkat91 -

      Iirc it's some cards are obtained through the booster bin shops. Second, find the card you are looking for in someone's deck and you can buy it for geez. Third, it might be best to wait for said card you want, to be buffed first, so they re release it in shop and can buy it then.
      Most of those card are not competitive so you might want to wait.
      Feel free to ask me again if needed.

    • Phatkat91 -

      If you want me to put a card up for you to buy then I can do that. I don't play for masters anymore, so changing my deck is not a problem.
      Also, go to the announcement section on this forum, it will be at the top of the main page. The title of the thread is "November update". There is a link to discord, this is where the players moved to from this forum. So you can talk to other players about the game.

  • Supermky -

    Hello fatkat ^^

  • BD DarkFox -

    Yo Fat kat join BD

    • Phatkat91 -

      Hi darkfox, I have already been recruited by BM. Though If I ever get kicked out for any reason I will take note of this and go to BD. Thank you for the offer fox! ☺

    • Kuroashi -

      Join me instead Phatkat for the good Ice elves Times XD

    • Phatkat91 -

      Lol GG Sanji, I will get revenge next time.