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      virmaxryn you had too much to drink on one occasion and couldn’t perform in the bedroom. This preys on your mind and next time you’re planning to have sex, your anxiety level increases. Anxiety makes it harder to get or keep an erection, so you can’t perform next time and so on. Dr Jarvis said: "The best way to reduce performance anxiety is to relax and take things slowly, although this can be easier said than done. "You may think that alcohol will help ‘loosen you up’ but actually, it can often have a negative impact on your ability to perform. "If you’re worried about performing with your partner, talk to her about it – she may be really relieved, as she may believe you were avoiding sex because you’d gone off her. "Set the tone with a romantic date, away from distractions and stresses, and take things slowly. "If this doesn’t work, you may find it helpful to ban sex for a few weeks but still cuddle and be close – this takes the pressure off the need to get an erection, which may mean you’re more likely to achieve one. .