Average damage balance

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    • Average damage balance

      Not my first post about game balance, but maybe if someone could explain the rationale it would help me gain perspective...

      So 1.5 or 2 years ago I could hit champion or master league ever season, and at that time I was thrilled to hit 10k damage with a card in any given match. Fast forward to now, 10k is kinda blah. Hime and a handful of buffed lowby cards hit just below that or over depending on other buffs. I'm kinda disappointed if I don't smack someone for 60,000+ and my highest hit ever is in the quarter million damage range.

      Why the huge jump in damage numbers? Ex cards were like 4k average a year or two back with 10k topping most cards maximum. Now you hit 10k without even trying. Can someone explain why this drastic climb that threw all older cards into obscurity?
    • It's not that all are ok with this but when I played about same time ago Tempus Saps and almost all good buffers were locked and still are. Right now only protection is 5 cards maximum (FOR NOW) and the fact that new EX cards are stronk. What I mean is you can't really use dragons guardians stonelinkers and have space for much else. Hitting 1500 ELO is possible at least but for some reason very hard near the very end.