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      Heyyo guys, here´s Noodle.

      Long time ago I did a Video, right? The Problem is, my Time is quite focused for work. And to sit down at the PC, record a Video and cut it well takes time which I don´t have. I got luck to do any videos with good quality. So I decided to open a Facebook Page, because Facebook is so much easier for me with uploading and get in touch with you. I can write Posts and upload short, but informative Videos pretty easy with my Smartphone, so when I´m driving at home or do other things, I can still write something or do anything else, without a PC.

      Here is the Link: facebook.com/IceElveNoodle/

      I hope you will understand me and support me at Facebook :)

      See ya! Noodlee :)
      My Name is Marek alias Noodle.
      I started to produce Videos about this game, and I'm hosting a Facebook Page about EA. Giving you good infos about cards and more.


      More of this Kinds of Videos here: youtube.com/channel/UCd9WfP1VUt3XE83vzcJo-Kg