New player in need of help

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  • New player in need of help

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a fairly new player, that's finding it difficult to build a decent team with the current toons at level 3 owned:

    Toran the Regent
    Breor of Gwad
    Vizir Mahamoud
    Thunder King
    Lord Tempus EX

    Any suggestions?
  • Really need to play a bunch to find better cards. This game is very heavily grindy. The more you go at it, the easier it will be. Easiest way is to play survival. There you are able to play with cards you don't own, grind SV rewards, and loot. There, you can quickly expand your team.
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  • Thank you Ryan, I'm already doing what I can to grind, I just wanted to know the "best effort" team that I can throw together with those cards to try to win some more games on ranked. I also own living fire ex (2), krakos sv (2), bitterness ex (2) could you please give me some guidelines?