Krampus - 20 December 2019

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    • Krampus - 20 December 2019

      Guild: Winter Tribes
      Race: Demon
      Class: Berserker
      Card Type: Icy Crippler

      The cold december wind carries the screams of thousands of children throughout the lands of Guem. Krampus has arrived, stealing all the gifts, leaving but empty boxes and cries behind. Will Santa and his reindeers stop his rampage? Will you join the good guys, or side with Krampus and spread the mayhem?
      Krampus starts off with a double spellbreaker, effectively taking away anything that his opponent once had. His second skill does not only make the opposing strength disappear with a huge backstab, but also counters almost any multihitter with that horrible damage malus he puts on the opposing hero. And at last, but not least, he feeds on your fright and gets 500 strength each time his last skill is triggered, with two additional swords.
      Beware, the night is cold and dangerous!

      Krampus has several perfect rolls:

      Double Rainbow = 6280, opp DMG -725, opp STR -800, 4 spellbreaker(s)
      Whips of Horror 1 = 10860
      Whips of Horror 2 = 7260
      Risus Sardonicus 1 = 9200, 4 spellbreaker(s)
      Risus Sardonicus 2 = 8310, 2 spellbreaker(s)
      Risus Sardonicus 3 = 6420, 6 spellbreaker(s)
      All Mine! 1 = 8100, opp DMG -300, opp STR -400, 2 spellbreaker(s)
      All Mine! 2 = 7350, opp DMG -250, opp STR -400
      Demonic Dance 1 = 7240, opp DMG -525, opp STR -800
      Demonic Dance 2 = 4020, opp DMG -825, opp STR -1200

      Ideal partners for Krampus are: Archmage Artrezil (Critical), King Hrimnir (Winter Tribe Blizzard), Ursyd (Berseker Berserk), Lady Beenle (Winter Tribes Dodge), Cygnaea / Aerouant (Ice), Kokrem (Frostbite), Iro the Duelist (Neutral Strength), Soul Chewer (Demon DMG+ - suboptimal).

      Best Aura: Strength (Kubilai), Ice (Lazar Zackarov).
      Recommended seal:
      Spread the darkness and embrace the shadows! All hail Artrezil!
      -- Mr. Loyal --