Keraos - 13 December 2019

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    • Keraos - 13 December 2019

      Guild: Winter Tribes
      Race: Ice Elf
      Class: Berserker
      Card Type: Raging Heavy-Hitter

      Keraos once was the leader of Santa's reindeers, but he's had a really bad habit: he kept biting the humans who dared to approach him, so Santa had him replaced with Rudolf. Keraos left the team, and was wandering alone until he encountered Edrianne, who offered to help him become an ice elf, but instead of that, she betrayed him, so Keraos' hatred against the humans grew even further.
      His first skill does not deal damage at all, but lays the grounds for devastating attacks: The 200 rage provided by his first skill is increased by 20 for each opposing frost token, and he obtains 250 Berserk upon facing Human opponents. The second skill is a real punch to the opponent's face: 2000 pure damage, and a Blue dice becomes Red, helping Keraos to activate his third skill: a double icy hit 1000, increased by 100 for each opposing frost token. Even more, one Red dice turns into a sword, making use of the previously activated rage and stacked strength.

      Keraos has several perfect rolls (assuming that the opponent is Human, and Berserk is triggered 2 times):

      • Double Rainbow = 6900
      • Altered Double Rainbow = 10480
      • Winter's Bane 1 = 9920
      • Winter's Bane 2 = 7920
      • Frozen Rampage 1 = 11460
      • Frozen Rampage 2 = 9920
      • Dashing Antlers 1 = 9700
      • Dashing Antlers 2 = 8620
      • Cariboubite 1= 8880
      • Cariboubite 2 = 8240
      Ideal partners for Keraos are: Archmage Artrezil (Critical), King Hrimnir (Winter Tribe Blizzard), Ursyd (Berseker Berserk), Lady Beenle (Winter Tribes Dodge), Cygnaea / Aerouant (Ice), Kokrem (Frostbite), Iro the Duelist (Neutral Strength).

      Best Aura: Rage (Nyaga), Strength (Kubilai).
      Recommended seal:
      Spread the darkness and embrace the shadows! All hail Artrezil!
      -- Mr. Loyal --