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    • November Update

      Hello Glads!

      With some help, we are trying to get the forums back up and running to the best we can. So expect some more posts to come!

      Before I go and explain the update, here is the discord link again: For those who want to join, it is a fun environment for everyone to talk about Eredan and chat with other players. And, who knows... Maybe more in the future!

      Now to the "small" update!

      For those who are familiar with the iTCG, each card had a backstory, a lore. Well, now, they are being slowly incorporated into the arena! So with time, every single character will have a small story you can read on it! The game has more backstory than many actually think. So what's better than to share each character and where they came from.

      To access these stories, go to settings and click on the "help" icon. At the top is the "Heroes" option. There, you may scroll to see if your character has been added. If not, It shall be in due time. Or, if you have updated your game, each card should have a "Story" button by its level 3 version. It may or may not have a story, but will in soon!

      But feel free to get educated on the rest of the arena!
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