Hu - 25 October 2019

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    • Hu - 25 October 2019

      Guild: Zil Warriors
      Race: Beast
      Class: Marauder
      Card Type: Raging Multi-Heavy Hitter

      Overview: Hu, the tiger was Archmage Artrezil's trusted bodyguard many years ago. Willing to keep him close and alive, the Archmage captured Hu's young spirit in one of his magic books. Several Decades later Sciofoby found this book, and summoned Hu. Wielding his magical blades enchanted by Artrezil himself, this powerful beast cuts through any armor and magic at a glance of an eye.
      Hu's first skill is a DMG and Rage buff that costs a Blue dice. While its value wouldn't seem threatening, it greatly helps to build strength and damage with the following two skills. The second skill is a huge backstab, effectively eradicating any strenth-user character. His late skill is a double spellbreaker which helps him get rid of unwanted opposing buffs that could cause him trouble, and the Red dice also turns into sword to make use of that consistently increased strength.

      Hu has several perfect rolls:

      • Double Rainbow = 5620, opp STR -1200, 4 spellbreakers
      • Altered Double Rainbow 1 = 5020, opp STR -600, 4 spellbreakers
      • Altered Double Rainbow 2 = 6280, opp STR -600, 6 spellbreakers
      • Crescent's Edge 1 = 7240, 8 spellbreakers
      • Crescent's Edge 2 = 6550, 10 spellbreakers
      • Crescent's Edge 3 = 6180, 6 spellbreakers
      • Claw of the Tiger 1 = 5980, opp STR -1200, 6 spellbreakers
      • Claw of the Tiger 2 = 5290, opp STR -600, 6 spellbreakers
      • Roaring Darkness = 5280, opp STR -1800, 6 spellbreakers

      Ideal Partners for Hu are: Archmage Artrezil / Telendar (Neutral / Zil Critical), Vaerzar / The Juggler / Bloodsword (Beast / Zil / Marauder DMG), Nard / Gemineye (Zil / Marauder Dodge) Oozie (Marauder Shield), Wild / Gakyusha (Zil / Neutral Riposte), Fenrath (Beast Berserk), Iro the duelist (Neutral STR).

      Best Aura: Rage (Nyaga)

      Recommended seal:
      Spread the darkness and embrace the shadows! All hail Artrezil!
      -- Mr. Loyal --

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