Spike the Fool

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    • Spike the Fool

      Guild: Zil
      Race: Guemelite
      Class: Marauder

      Card Type: Thorny Mimicking Multihitter

      Spike used to be a simple Shadowmancer, but when he tried to use a spell too powerful for him, it backfired. Unable to control his shadow, it has taken control over his mind and body, and Spike went crazy. He has to be locked away, since once he is set free, he jumps and attacks anyone within his reach.
      His first skill is a quadruple physical attack for a single blue dice. While it does not seem threatening at first glance, any strength or rage buff will turn this skill into a formidable source of damage. Moreover, it is accompanied by two dodges to effectively reduce opposing damage. The second provides a good amount of thorns to face off multihitters, and gives a sword that has a good synergy with the first skill and the third skill as well. The third skill is a low amount of mimic that escalates upon each activation, and can steal precious buffs from the opponent.

      Spike has several perfect rolls – a lot more than listed here, since adapted to the situation, all his rolls are perfect (assuming that his thorn is triggered 4 times):
      • Double Rainbow = 5000, 2 mimics, 4 dodges, 400 thorns
      • Altered Double Rainbow 1 = 5775, 2 mimics, 2 dodges, 600 thorns
      • Altered Double Rainbow 2 = 5275, 1 mimic, 4 dodges, 600 thorns
      • Altered Double Rainbow 3= 5800, 1 mimic, 2 dodges, 800 thorns
      • Armor of spikes = 5850, 1200 thorns
      • Forbidden Spell 1 = 6550, 2 mimics, 800 thorns
      • Forbidden Spell 2 = 6525, 3 mimics, 600 thorns
      • Fool’s Frenzy 1 = 5025, 6 dodges, 600 thorns
      • Fool’s Frenzy 2= 4750, 8 dodges, 400 thorns
      Ideal partners for Spike are: Bloodsword (Marauder DMG), The Juggler (Zil DMG), Archmage Anryena (Guemelite DMG), Wild (Zil Riposte), Hybrid Anryena (Guemelite Rage), Iro the Duelist (STR), Gemineye (Marauder Dodge).

      MesterL’s seal recommendation:
      Spread the darkness and embrace the shadows! All hail Artrezil!
      -- Mr. Loyal --

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