Elder Mailandar

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    • Elder Mailandar

      Guild: Sap Heart
      Race: Hom'chai
      Class: Warrior

      Card Type: Spellbreaking Hulking Hitter

      Perfect Rolls: RRYYBx/RYYBxx, RRRRBx/RRBxxx, YYSSSS, RRRRRR

      Overview: Mighty leader of the Hom'chai tribes, Elder Mailandar is a fearless warrior that lives and devotes every fiber of his being to strength.
      He starts off by throwing his enchanted spear at the opponent, dealing massive damage (especially if attacking) and cutting a positive effect in half. He then starts building up his Strength by multiplying it x 6 only once, possibly resulting in an impressive build-up. Lastly, Mailandar unleashes the inner beast by gaining a whopping 1500 rage which, under the right conditions, can allow him to escalate to unprecedented degrees.
      Elder Mailandar has several perfect rolls (the "x" can be either blues or swords);

      - RRYYBx Altered Double Rainbow: 3640 damage (3990 if Attacker);
      - RYYBxx Altered Double Rainbow 2: 6660 damage;
      - RRRRBx Muscle Devotion 1: 2840 damage (3540 if Attacker);
      - RRBxxx Muscle Devotion 2: 3580 damage (3930 if Attacker);
      - YYSSSS Last Resort: 9480 damage;
      - RRRRRR Spear Toss: 2100 damage (3150 if Attacker).

      While the Elder can truly break the opponent by fully abusing his humongous late Rage, such power is extremely delicate because it can be contained by Shield or traditional anti-Strength means. Luckily, in those instances, Mailandar can count on his trusted spear.
      Ideal partners for Elder Mailandar are: Moarg/Dakeza (Hom'chai Critical, Warrior Critical/Dodge), Kei'zan (Sap Strength), Apagori (Hom'chai Shield).

      - World-breaking damage output;
      - Massive burst/strength potential;
      - Extremely menacing late phase.

      - Very vulnerable to anti-Strength;
      - Contained by Dodge;
      - Tricky yellow rolls.