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    • Guild: Stone Linker
      Race: Human
      Class: Marauder

      Card Type: Raging Multi-Hitter

      Perfect Rolls: RYBxxx/RYYBxx/RRYBBx, RRRBBB, YYYxxx/YYSSxx/YSSSSx

      Overview: Nyaga is a fierce trickster from the Stone Linkers. By channeling her fury into her twin shieldblades, she can unleash a nearly unstoppable fighting power. She spins and slashes multiple times, gradually getting rid of red dice and benefitting from DMG and Rage alike. She then lets loose all of her rage and starts attacking with massive escalation.
      Her Rage Aura passively increases all Rage effects placed by her companions by a whopping 60%, vastly increasing the threat they pose to unprepared opponents.
      Nyaga has several perfect rolls (the "x" can be either Reds or Swords):

      - RYBxxx Altered Double Rainbow 1: 3520 damage;
      - RYYBxx Altered Double Rainbow 2: 3370 damage;
      - RRYBBx Altered Double Rainbow 3: 3410 damage;
      - RRRBBB Bladed Massacre: 3450 damage;
      - YYYxxx Final Tantrum 1: 3330 damage;
      - YYSSxx Final Tantrum 2: 4440 damage;
      - YSSSSx Final Tantrum 3: 3950 damage.

      Nyaga's sheer power is greatly complemented by the considerable boost provided by her Rage Aura, ultimately turning her into a very valuable asset.
      Ideal partners for Nyaga are: Rage users, Bloodsword/Astria (Marauder/Human DMG), Gemineye (Marauder Dodge).

      - High damage output;
      - Great multi-hitting potential;
      - Passively increases the effectiveness of all Rage users.

      -Vulnerable to anti-Strength;
      - Exposed to late Mimic/Spellbreaker.