Season 70 Winner: κυяoαѕнι

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    • Season 70 Winner: κυяoαѕнι

      Greetings everyone.

      Season 70 has recently come to an end! Let's have a look at the final standings:

      1 - (1880 Elo) κυяoαѕнι
      2 - (1828 Elo) Abandon All Hope
      3 - (1826 Elo) DaniNice
      4 - (1823 Elo) Gen5
      5 - (1814 Elo) SyphonFilter {EAI}
      6 - (1807 Elo) DarkElric
      7 - (1804 Elo) hayelf
      8 - (1803 Elo) DarkFate
      9 - (1776 Elo) WesleySafadinho
      10 - (1773 Elo) Po1sonator

      The recent seasons have seen people triumphing for a mere handful of points, resulting in a nailbiter until the very end. This time, however, it seems there is a clear winner that managed to soar way above the rest. With over 50 elo points advantage, κυяoαѕнι awards himself the medal for this season.
      Special mention to Abandon All Hope, DaniNice and Gen5 who engaged in a thrilling race that ended with 2-3 points difference from one another.

      Once again, congratulations to κυяoαѕнι. We wish you good luck for season 71!