Season 67 Winner: DarkElric

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    • Season 67 Winner: DarkElric

      Hi everyone,

      Season 67 has recently come to an end! Here are the final results:

      1 - (1812 Elo) DarkElric
      2 - (1765 Elo) ZeroCool
      3 - (1760 Elo) X[feez]Nji
      4 - (1758 Elo) DaniNice
      5 - (1738 Elo) SUP3RMAN
      6 - (1734 Elo) DarkFate
      7 - (1733 Elo) Po1sonator
      8 - (1727 Elo) Tyrannoranger Geki
      9 - (1726 Elo) [SV]Thach_Sanh[EX]
      10 - (1726 Elo) [feez]Sabio[SV]

      Look at that, DarkElric has done it again and performed a spectacular twice in a row victory! While the previous season he won with a sliver of ELO, this time the gap was indeed wider.
      Nevertheless, congratulations to ZeroCool and X[feez]Nji, ending up in second and third place respectively.

      By the ELO scores of the top 10 we can see that, save for DarkElric, this season was a nailbiter. Congrats to you all, Eredan Arena's team wishes you and the rest of our player base a happy new year.

      Onward to season 68!