Eredan Arena Premium Edition

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    • Eredan Arena Premium Edition

      You know, as a suggestion Feerik, it would be to your benefit if u released an eredan arena premium edition where it wud contain 10 keys rather than 5, and maybe some other added features. Correct me if im wrong but i think that would sell like hotcake. I know id buy that.

      I did mention this idea elsewhere. But i thought it wud make sence to put it in the creative corner.
    • At first I just passed this thread up though now I can see this happening. A lot of amateur and pro players don't really benefit from the regular loot as much as they want or need. So instead of making one loot option for all, maybe separating them between normal and premium would make it easier to make better looting options. While at the same time not just giving away more stuff than they should to all players so freely. Maybe like spending feez so you can have a certain amount of time (24 hours) to have access to premium loot, having ex card in multiple chest at the same time etc.
    • I like a lot of these ideas. I'm sure Feerik has kicked around the idea, what game hasn't really?

      If they can make a subscription based upgrade for the game that can both be valuable enough to want to pay for monthly, but also not make premium members unfairly overpowered, then it could probably work out pretty well.

      I like how frank the few admins/mods here are when it comes to discussing their income streams and what they focus on to make money. It's refreshing for a developer to treat us like adults and not pretend that they aren't doing this for free.

      I'd like to hear their thoughts on something like this as well.
    • @Haseo Thanks for appreciating the way we communicate with you, I personally think it's best for both parties. ;)

      We haven't thought seriously about a premium feature such as you describe it in recent times. In my opinion it's risky to implement such a system and this for two reasons :

      • Players who are ready to invest in a premium subscription are likely to be hardcore gamers. Consequently, if being VIP allows you to grind faster/better, Feerik will end up losing money. If we were to propose such an offer, we would at first see a peak in revenues, but they would decrease in the long run : players buy the subscription, they thus grind way more easily and end up not having to spend any currency to get the newly released cards. I'm not a 100 % against the principle, but we would need to be very cautious when determining the price of the subscription and the advantages gained by the players.
      • Like many other F2P games, EA needs to keep a certain balance to avoid turning into a P2W. This is already difficult as it is, adding a premium status (that would influence grinding) would be appreciated by players like yourselves, but would be perceived quite negatively by the rest of the player base. Put yourself in the shoes of a casual gamer : you find that it's hard to play all week-end to get the newest cards and stay competitive, what would you think when Feerik introduces for those willing to pay faster grinding ?
      I'll repeat it, I'm not fundamentally against the idea of a premium offer, but if it implies the advantages you mentioned, there's a lot for us to lose and not that much to gain. Having said that, it's a personal opinion, it remains possible that the company gives it some thought.
      At your service!