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    • Guild: Sap Heart
      Race: Elfine
      Class: Warrior

      Card Type: Scarab Basher


      Overview: Did you know that Silikat had an elder brother? Yes she does, and his name is Odonata. While her sister was born and raised as a true warrior, the calm and collected Odonata seemed to walk a different path: to keep the population of pests and insects of the forest under control. However, the Great Tree did have a different plan for him, transforming him into a winged warrior that specializes on protection.
      Odonata's first skill is a triple physical attack that leaves a tiny Shield behind, which will help him contain damage and, if not, will be consumed right away for a shield bash. Similarly to her sister Silikat, he also has a tree-dice skill consisting of a massive raw damage component along with 2 Scarab counts, only Odonata's isn't unmodifiable and it comes near the end of the fight.
      Odonata has several perfect rolls. Assuming the opponent consumes half of Odonata's shield before bashing:

      - RRYBBB Altered Double Rainbow: 3125 damage, 2 Scarab;
      - RRRRYY Winged Warden 1: 3050 damage;
      - RRRYYY Winged Warden 2: 3375 damage;
      - RRRBBB Dragonfly Herald 1: 2800 damage, 2 Scarab;
      - BBBBBB Dragonfly Herald 2: 3200 damage, 4 Scarab.

      Odonata has a very similar layout to his sister's, but their dynamics are substantially different. Find out how effective they can be in an elfine strength/rage deck!
      Ideal partners for Odonata are: Melissandre (Sap Rage), Belladone (Elfine DMG), Koria (Neutral Shield), Kei'zan (Sap Strength), Dakeza (Warrior Dodge, Crit effective only if going straight for BBB)

      - Massive potential;
      - Huge late denying powers.

      - Anything different from 3/6 blue dice is detrimental;
      - Potentially susceptible to early burst damage and anti strength.