Season 64 Winner: SUP3RMAN

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    • Season 64 Winner: SUP3RMAN

      Hi everyone,

      Season 64 has recently come to an end! Scores have been clutch until the very end, but ultimately two players rose above the rest:

      1 - (1857 Elo) SUP3RMAN
      2 - (1850 Elo) X[feez]Nji
      3 - (1784 Elo) Shirohige.
      4 - (1769 Elo) Qblj
      5 - (1769 Elo) ZeroCool
      6 - (1766 Elo) Alan95
      7 - (1761 Elo) DarkElric
      8 - (1755 Elo) SyphonFilter {EAI}
      9 - (1754 Elo) MMF.O_O
      10 - (1752 Elo) Pregio

      Congratulation to SUP3rman for breaking the 1850 wall and coming out on top, a well-deserved win! Special mention to X[feez]Nji for giving the winner almost no quarter.

      See you in season 65, and good luck!
    • tough? yea, the game always has room for slackers :)

      but for sure competition is better. easy climbin means higher points...

      as climbin is easier than ever before (for everyone who have the latest op cards), who spend enough time to play will stay in the Master. if i could find time to play more i would be in the top 10, i am sure its same for many others too.

      also recently Master players can not encounter each other much (i dunno why), beatin low league players again and again makes it easier too (but also risky, one lose costs -12 points).

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