Season 3

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    • Here are the top 10 clans of the 3rd season of Clan Wars ! Congratulations to them and to all the other participating clans. :D

      The bsaii minions remain in first position, followed by the recently created Hell-o, which regroups a reduced number of skilled players.
      The ~Wolves~ make a remarkable entrance in the top of the competition with an astounding 3rd place.

      Skull Headquarter didn't manage to keep their usual 2nd place, but still remain in 4th position.
      The "B clans", bsaii minions 2 and bsaii minions 3 have been overall in a slightly negative trend since season 2 : the first clan loses 2 spots, from 8th to 10th, while the latter keeps its 5th place.
      FR Revolution, which almost didn't make it to the top 10 in season 2, now confirms its presence among the best with an honorable 6th place.

      A.G.G.I.N had a difficult season, going from 3rd place to 8th, right behind their fellow Italian gamers from {EAI} Masters. Congratulations to EAI for coming back after their absence in season 2.
      Dum Sum 2, the second team of one of the oldest clans in the game, make their first appearance in our top 10, let's see if they will progress even further in season 4 !

    • I'm aware of how useful such a feature would be, believe me. Just like limiting the movements of players from one clan to another and a fairer ELO system. These are all things that we know to be vital for the application, but that are delayed by organizational matters. The time will come when we have more time and manpower at our disposal, in the meanwhile be assured that we know what's needed and that we are truly thankful for your patience.
      At your service!