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    • Rules on Eredan Arena boards

      These rules are set to make sure that EA boards are a fun and easy-going place. They are easy to follow so we count on you! ;)

      This site is for players of all ages, so material that may offend younger and/or older users should be avoided.
      This applies to all areas of the game, including boards, comments and private messages. Further details can be found in the Terms of Service.

      We decline responsibility for any links leading outside this board that aren't shared by our staff members, as their content are beyond Feerik Games' control.

      About posting
      • Use English and ONLY English to post or reply to threads. Content written in another language will be deleted. This is to ensure that we all understand each other, if you wish to use another language, you are free to do so in private conversations.
      • Do not post anything that is PG-13 or features adult content. This includes photos, art and text (messages, posts, etc.). A good way to know whether material is inappropriate is to ask yourself if you could look at it in front of children, parents or at work. If not, don't post it.
      • Do not discuss subversive topics such as religion, politics or any other subjects that are not relevant here.
      • Do not insult, flame or use obscene language. Hiding/substituting some letters in swear words does not make them acceptable.
      • Do not abuse CAPS LOCK: it will be considered as shouting and won't help getting your message across.
      • Do not spam or post advertising topics. Any post considered as spam or publicity will be removed without warning.
      About behavior
      • Do not attempt to spoil another player's enjoyment of the game.
      • Harassment and discrimination based on race, gender or any other criteria are not acceptable.
      • Do not send chain mails.
      • Above all, show other players consideration. Behind posts and users are real human beings, so treat them like you want to be treated.
      About identity/account
      • Do not claim to be a moderator or an employee of Feerik Games if you aren't.
      • Do not ask for another player's password.
      • DO NOT GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYBODY. There are NO exceptions to this rule. Feerik Games employees do not need your password. They will never ask you to confirm your password. They will not send messages asking for your password, EVER. Moderators have no right to ask your password either, so never give it to them. This also applies to people promising currencies, cards or seals in exchange for your password. You will not get anything from them but you will most likely lose your account.
      There are several moderators who will, upon discovery of a violation of these rules, take action.
      This can range from asking you to remove offending material or adjust your behavior, to a permanent ban and account removal.

      Ranks and activity points

      The more you contribute to the forum and the greater the quality of your content, the more activity points you collect:

      • Writing a post = 1 activity point
      • Getting your content "liked" = 5 activity points for each "like"

      The amount of activity points you have determines your rank on the forum, which is displayed under your avatar. The different ranks are the following:

      Rookie0 - 99 points
      Gladiator100 - 299 points
      Veteran300 - 899 points
      Champion900 - 1499 points
      Rudiarius+ 1500 points

      If you have been an active member of the Eredan Arena forum on Kongregate, we invite you to contact us (Glainbow or Peppunzo) in private. We will directly grant you the rank of Champion.

      The Eredan Arena boards and game are as friendly as you are, keep that in mind before posting! :)