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  • #sweet -

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my account, I started the game using g + from the cell phone but I linked my account with faceboock and instead of logging in using my account, another account was created.
    On my cell phone I can use my normal account .... more how I try to log on the PC using faceboock goes into a totally different account.
    I already posted in the support area and bug, but I did not get an answer, I do not know what to do.
    help me please
    The name of my main account is #sweet .... and the one that is appearing when I soon in faceboock is ronaldo jesus

  • Dregamir -

    Howdy! I'm wondering how I go about unlocking more normal cards. I've currently hit a wall and now it's really a toss up between getting the weekly ex cards or red crystals, which frankly, is lackluster. I want more options in my deck and I feel like this limits that? I totally see it for EX cards, it has exclusive in the name.

  • Bazza91 -

    Hello, I had read that there was an update yesterday, but instead there was not, my question is always the same, the game will return as it was before? or with the balances every Wednesday of the month, previews every Monday, or you can put the EX of Monday in the survival mode, and alternate with the giants.
    Finally I would like to ask you, if you can put a kind of adventure, where you can win crystals and fee'z (obviously in moderation)

    • Glainbow -

      The game will most likely not go back to its previous state : we don't intend for now to get back to the Monthly patch, instead we do regular balancing every Monday with the re-released card and also when we release a booster (Marauders, Priests, etc.).
      The adventure mode you suggest has been suggested by other players as well, and it would be a good addition to the game, but at the moment we are busy with other features (the Dice Saver mode and the new Stone Linker guild have been released very recently).

  • Bazza91 -

    Hello, when there will be the usual balancing, the usual restyling, the usual previews and finally the EX cards on Friday that make sense on their level (why add only the details, makes the design a disgust)

    • Glainbow -

      Hey Bazza,

      We kept balancing cards at a regular rate, only not in the form of the monthly patch that you were used to. The Monday re-editions amount to 4 balanced cards per month, and we also discretely buff other cards without communicating about it, which, I grant you that, might pose a problem. As for restyling, I'm not sure to understand what you have in mind, could you please be more explicit ? Regarding your last question, we don't intend at this point to change the way card artworks are designed : most players upgrade their cards to level 3 fairly fast, and if the card isn't level 3 then they don't use it, which means that in general, level 1 and level 2 artworks are rarely seen by players.

  • Phatkat91 -

    Hi glainbow, I noticed by that the editor acts weird sometimes when I type. Randomly mashing words together when typing or making them really big after​ I submit my comment. Making it where I have to edit them sometimes repeatedly.

    I was told by pep before to see you with any forum related issue. Anyway that's all for now, good day.

    • Glainbow -

      Strange, I don't have that issue. Could you tell me what browser you're using and what device ?

    • Phatkat91 -

      Android, Blu advance
      Google chrome
      It seems to be doing good now though. If it starts happening again I'll figure something out.

  • zeta272 -

    I paid for some fee'z but couldnt receive any. I sent messages on Facebook with screenshots attached but haven't been answered. Would you please help me ?

    • Glainbow -

      I believe that the Facebook customer support took care of you problem ?

  • Ian'sNemesis -

    hey glainbow, i have been an old player in this amazing game, and i have recently tried to get back to playing but i have forgotten my password, is there anyway to reset it? or find out what it is? Thank you for your help

    • Glainbow -

      Hey Ian'sNemesis (who's Ian hehe ?), I sent you a private message to sort this out.

  • pokeyblock -

    hi Glainbow, I want to play on mobile but since I play on kongragate I can't. can you help? Thanks!

    • Glainbow -

      Hey pokeyblock, sorry for the (very) late answer, I hope you didn't give up on playing in the meantime. ;) I believe I can help you indeed, could you give me the name of your account? I'm not sure whether it's "pokeyblock" or not.

  • Demon1ce -

    What's going on in our forum right now? Unknown user keep spamming Korean language thread every minute

    • Glainbow -

      Yes I just saw some minutes ago. The two users have been deleted as well as their posts. I also set a new forum rule that forbids users to two consecutive posts in too little time.

  • Quaram -

    Thank you for thinking of me. I think it may be good if there were more ways to have the clans have a space here in the forums. It would be nice if it were all intertwined. One thing I want to know is some one's profile sheet as a clan leader. I need to know if some one is active. And if so when. We have a Facebook page of our own. But it is tough knowing who is who. The clan chat could be upgraded as well. It is tough to type in a message to the group without it it going before I am ready. I also cannot send a message to someone individually. That's something that I would like to use. There are so many things. I have just touched on a few. We should get a discussion going about this topic to see where it can go.

  • xNoodle -

    hey, I wrote you in private chat :D

  • Glainbow -

    Hey hydre94! I sent you a PM to discuss your issue. :)

  • hydre94 -

    Hi Glainbow! I need help!!!!
    There was a bug of display(posting) in the application of the clan. A member(limb) in wanted to take(bring) out an inactive but transferred(fired) the first classified player! Therefore, it is impossible to us to contact our friend, he(it) went hunting to us of his(its) contacts in game(set,play)! The application clan is filled(performed) with bug and she(it) costs us our best player! It is about the clan FR revolution, the concerned player is ken Master. He(it) is not registered on the forum nor on the group FB how to contact him(it) and to tell him(her) that he was a victim of a bug of display(posting)? Because of the application clan we lost our best player!!!! Thank you for helping us!

  • Glainbow -

    Hehe, thanks! ;)

  • ryan2849 -

    Glainbow = Rookie