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  • ducky -

    can someone please help me, i lost my password, i just returned after about 5 years, my nickname is DuckyOnQuack, please help asap

  • Mr. Niceguy / Brutz -

    Just wanted to apologize for the frustration about Paradoxia. I hope you can see where we could have taken it as being scammed sort of speak. I know card will be fixes, just that it happened so soon, it really hit a nerve. Thanks for posting the great news. Paradoxia really take the fun factor of this game to a new level. I hope these great idea's keep happening. Thank you and much respect.

  • Gandara -

    Hey Pep, can you PM me?

  • Kuroashi -


  • Warstomp -

    Hey pep, can you help me with my problem here:…ssing-fee-z-from-account/

  • Shaggybv -

    Hey pep i have a favor to ask,is it possible to get a refund on feez please?i was on a trip with my school,and i needed 4 more wins to complete the survival,i had one hour left so i decided to use 99 feez to unlock the survival,but we went in an area without any signal so i coudnt play any games at all to complete my survival,and by the time we went in area with signal the survival was over,now is it possible wo get my 99 feez back so i can use them to buy the rewards? Thanx i would really appreciate it if it was possible! My username is : shaggybv

    • Pep -

      Sorry, i don't have the authority to handle refunds. I suggest you submit a ticket to the support or, even better, contact google/apple and see if they grant you a courtesy refund.

  • Phatkat91 -

    Hi pep, the link to this site is acting kinda weird and sometimes sends me back to the kongregate forum??? Don't know else to tell which is why I PM you.

    Second thing which isn't related to the first thing, can you make a recommendation to make card scrolling easier. When I search the EX card pack it takes forever to look though them. Maybe the devs can implement something to make card scrolling faster. Didn't think this was thread worthy which again is why I PM you. You don't really need to respond I just felt like you can help with these issues to some extent, good day pep.

    • Pep -

      Hi Phatkat, for any question or issue that is forum-related you should contact Glainbow, he's the lead community manager and knows much more than i do about the forum.